More than 5 million players have downloaded Fun 101 Okey and they are all people who like to play 101 Okey very much. The number is still quickly increasing now! Not only do Turkish people love Fun 101 Okey, others from many countries also do. The company tries its best to give players excellent gaming experiences and it’s totally free!


Fun 101 Okey players can connect with 5.000.000+ Okey lovers all over the world at any time they want. Our free Okey 101 game has a classic okey mode and 101 okey mode. More interesting modes are waiting players to discover.

How To Play

1. Various Okey Modes

Among all the Okey 101 games, Fun 101 okey is the only one that has both okey mode and 101 okey mode. If players wanna play free 101 Okey games with different modes, Fun 101 Okey has many interesting modes. The Fun 101 Okey the self-designed of double okey and DUBLE & TURBO okey game enrichs your experiences. Now this kind of okey game is getting more and more popular! Free 101 Okey gives rich gaming experience to 101 lovers. The players can find many features that are exclusive to our free to play 101 Okey game along their gaming experience.

2. Activities for Rich Awards

Fun 101 Okey activities that allow you to gain free gold chips, In many okey games, players need to spend lots of money to buy chips so that they can continue to either play 101 Okey or the general one. But in Fun 101 Okey, players have many chances to win free chips. The company provides many activities for players to play free 101 okey and free okey game. The Fun 101 Okey Medal Ranking event, one of the events organized by the game, will continue every week. In addition to our players playing games, Medal Ranking will be sent to the top 200 players with different amount of chip rewards.

3. Wonderful Social System

Players can add their Facebook friends and play Okey 101 with them in this game. If they want to make more friends, they can go to the chatting area and chat with other players. If they feel tired to play Okey 101 game for a long time, they can chat with their online friends and relax. In many other similar games, players can only chat when they are playing, The exquisite free 101 Okey its feature, Fun 101 Okey, is the only one that can meet this need.

Your chip fenish ? You can send each other a chip with your friends. Would you like to send gifts to friends on holidays or special occasions? Get help from your friends when your chip is finished!

4. The Only 101 Okey “Horse Racing” and “Circus”

Do you feel tired to play okey all the time? Then you can try these two fun casual games to earn more free chips and relax for a while. Fun 101 Okey the “Horse Racing” and “Circus” games free yourself from the mental nervousness. In other words, if you are an Okey 101 lovers, Fun 101 Okey won’t disappiont you!

Game Screenshoots


Fun 101 Okey game is played with 4 players over multiple rounds. The object of the Okey 101 game is to collect as little points as possible at the end of the 101 okey game. The player who has the least amount of points after all of the rounds are completed is declared the winner.

In Fun 101 Okey there is detailed and vivid guidance for new learners. If after you read this rule you still don’t know how to play 101 okey game, you can click the button in the left bottom corner to find “öğretici ”, click it and follow the guidance!

In a way, 101 Okey game and Okey game are not very difficult, just join in and you will konw how to play 101 Okey Game after you played several times!

Different from other free 101 okey games and okey games, Fun 101 Okey provides many chances for players to get free coins and cheap coins packets! For players who want to play free Okey 101 and okey, you can get free coins by finishing daily tasks, inviting your facebook friends, logging in everyday and many other ways.

After you click the "Activities" button, you can see various activities. By joining in these activities, you can get free chips or cheaper chips packages.

But if you want to enjoy more fun when you play Okey 101 games, you can click the “VIP etkinliği” in the right bottom corner to buy affordable coins. Then start your VIP journey!

Yes, it’s totally free to download Fun 101 Okey. Players can download Fun 101 Okey from Google Play or App Store.

After you downloaded Fun 101 Okey, the best and free Okey 101 game, you will get a big load of free chips award at the first time you log in.

And don’t forget to follow our Facebook, Instagram ve Twitter accounts to know interesting contents, codes for daily free coins, updates and activity information after you have downloaded Fun 101 Okey!

1. Search “Fun Okey - 101 OKEY” in the Facebook and follow our Facebook account.

2. In our facebook home page you can see everyday gift code.

3. Click the “Gift” button in the right top corner of the game and input the gift code in the black.

4. Then free chips will otomatically be sent to your account.

No. 12-13-1 is valid in Okey but invalid in 101 game.
In 101 game you need at least 5 pairs.
Yes. In 101 okey, a player who opens with laying down sets and runs can add tiles to pairs laid down by other players.
No. In 101 okey a player who opens with pairs can only continue with pairs. A pair who opens with sets and runs can only continue with sets and runs.
Yes. In 101 a player who opens with pairs can add tiles to pairs laid down by other players.
No. In 101 okey, in order to add tiles you have to open first. (With sets and runs or pairs)
If you opens in 101 okey and you have a tile which can replace Okey tile, you can exchange it for Okey tile.

To get daily Facebook gift code in 101 okey, please search “FUN OKEY 101” on Facebook and you will see our fan page. Click it, like our page and find the post sharing daily code.

Copy the code on the post, enter the game and you will see “HEDIYE” on the right corner. Paste the code and click the button “TAKAS”. Then the gift chips will be sent to you automatically.

1. Click the “Invite” button at the right top corner, copy your “invitation code” and send it to your friends on any applications on your telephone by “send link”.

2. After your friends have downloaded the game and logged in by Facebook account, they need to play the game for at least 3 round, then click the “change” button to input your UID number(invitation code) in the black in the “Friends” page within 3 days after they log in the game.

3. Then large amounts of chips will otomatically be sent to your account.

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